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August 2018

“The work booklet is very useful and gives pause for thought. It enables people to think about the subject as well as provide answers. Trainers’ knowledge was first class with examples used throughout. I really enjoyed the course and it has given me ideas to put into practice.”



January 2019

“Relevant and informative content. Well paced and informative training with a good mix of discussion and presentation. The trainer was clearly knowledgeable of his subject matter and could gauge audience/attendees and adapt pace/content to suit. I will be able to put this into practice in own work content and use exercises with staff to promote self care and positive mental health. Very enjoyable and nothing I would change.”

Newcastle feedback


August 2018

“Very relevant and well balanced. Trainer had great knowledge, with a very easy going personality. Excellent brilliant session. No improvements required.”

Need for mental health awareness


June 2018

“A really relevant topic in the modern working environment. I think it’s excellent that this was provided and it exceeded my expectations. Genuinely can’t think of anything to improve the learning experience.”




February 2018

“Good mix of theory and practical advice and group activity to encourage discussion. Useful to have booklet to takeaway. It was very useful, good material, good teaching, tough topics but necessary to cover.”



April 2018

“Good interactive course. Very knowledgeable and articulate presenter.”

Need for mental health awareness


April 2018

“One of the most important considerations for my job. Make it an hour longer!”

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